Monday, 18 October 2010

testing going sloooooooowly

Testing on Facebook reminds me of the time I spent trying to learn to trade the foreign currencies. It's very time consuming and money grabbing...

  • fast set up and no maintenance
  • shows fairly quickly if there is interest in my idea
  • costs money - could milk me dry if I let it
  • feeble results (although the only results I've had thus far really)
Must keep reminding myself that this is testing, that my idea could be wrong and I may not reach even the low goal I have set out for this challenge. An idea popped into my head originally and this is means of seeing if it's valid. If it's not tough luck, I refuse to go against the grain and waste time and money.

I am testing the validity of my idea; testing of facebook ad versions is a test within that test. Facebook ads allow for the exposure of the idea to people potentially interested in it.

The idea may be wrong in many ways:
  • no photographer would be interested in helping a charity through a photo competition.
  • perhaps there are people interested in the photo competition for charity, but not in the age group initially targeted. Maybe removing the age constraints would make a difference - an idea for testing there; like looking for a market for a product - a lesson token?
  • I'm not a part of any photo club, maybe they don't run competitions at all? Maybe it's "awards" or just simply displays - I've not done due dilligence, I didn't know the niche I went for. This facebook testing is showing all that.
 I know more about weight loss that photography, and perhaps should have just made a follow up to the challenge I did earlier this year -    

...must keep reminding myself of this... (tool)

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