Saturday, 16 October 2010

Quest 1 thoughts again

My ego is safely behind its shield which means that my results urge me for review of my actions.

I chose age group of 16-19 and the most effective way to target them would be to use Facebook ads that allow specific area and age targeting. Set up takes minutes and the cost is minimal. Much more effective to meeting with group leaders. It's hard to get them to act.

After identifying what my aim was: 5 people to participate and donate money to the charity, next step would be to find the shortest route to it. Currently I'm running polls which were supposed to get people engaged in the challenge, but the polls are a link click away. I've only now discovered that there is a poll app on Facebook, and everything could have been done on FB alone saving the click and the changing of platforms (FB to blogger)

No or not much work had been done in various areas: optimising the experience of visitors and converting visitors to participants. Neither there has been any research done into interests of the target group or the validity of the idea. Preparation was very poor and based on intuition only.

I've not done much to make it look attractive to the target market. I should spend more time on the product, then advertising (including reaching out to group leaders). Even when running the polls on how to run the competition, everything around it should be made to sell the experience: graphics, copy, etc.

What needs to be done is improvements to increase conversion = make it more attractive and include selling techniques. Articles could be written in the form of a masked copy, and even video presentations can be like an ad or long copy (not that I plan on using the latter in this particular Quest). Point is that everything I've written so far was just plain English, no copy, nothing that would get people to act.

To make it more attractive:
  • improve the look of the Facebook page
  • at least brainstorm which parts of the competition - the prize, the process, the part where they're helping the local charity - is attractive and highlight it in selling points.
To include copy and selling techniques:
  • include a landing tab with blured out "hidden" content and Like Us call to action
  • fashion the about tab in the form of long copy
To streamline the process:
  • run next poll on Facebook, not on Blogger

There are two options after a plan is made (of what needs to be done in order to make it attractive and increase conversions):
  • I make all the graphics and copy (learning curve)
  • I find students (?) who would be willing to do these things for free (to include it into their portfolio).

The positive side to this is the learning curve.

Update this post with further thoughts.

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