My Enemies

Leeches - list of those creepy silent time suckers:
  • compulsive stats checking - who's visiting me and how many time - turn up the Ego Shield and get on with tasks at hand
  • this blog...
My Ego will try to stop me in various ways:
  • Resting on Laurels - when I succeed at something, my ego will be so content with MY success that it will have me looking at it in awe and wonder and basking in MY achievement. Turn up my Ego Shield immediately, record the lesson token and see what is the next thing I could do to move on. Things that my Ego would rest upon
    • a success in any form
    • an idea - I'll get my dopamine injection as a reward - what's the point of doing anything else - I'd be risking failure in case the idea was wrong :)
    • briefly working on a task and jumping to another, thinking "the job's done" (in the past that would lead to frustration because - what I believe happens - I have a feeling of accomplishment, but I can see no results. The solution is to look at it through the eyes of the Assumption Assassin (which would help me decide if I want to look at it deeper or delete it, or put it on a someday maybe list) and let the Time Guardian schedule those unfinished tasks into the Future Window
  • Fearing failure - just the thought of possible failure will have my Ego tying my limbs, pulling me back, sawing my lips shut and sending swarms of locust into my stomach. Turn up the Ego Shield, pull out my Pixel Grid and decide how my failure might look like. Accept it, then move on to listing the benefits that my action might possibly bring and prepare for them. After I have done it, record the lesson token.
Excusitis Vulgaris -  There are many things in your life that take my time. A lot of them are very important, but there are fictional things that come up whenever I want to do something meaningful. I must understand that it's not my fault, but the fault of a malicious virus that has been draining me from energy for ages - Excusitis Vulgaris. Fortunately now there is Excusskill – a new wonder drug for Excusitis Vulgaris. Take one tablet each time Excusitis strikes and one preventively with breakfast. Drink a glass of water prior. Revising my reasons for reaching the Epic Win after a good night sleep is essential for rehab after a long illness caused by this potent virus.

Infinite Loop Wormhole - a dangerous place to ever find your self near. Can pull you in for days, months, years or even an entire lifetime. It will have you locked inside your own mind fooling you into thinking that you have set off whilst you'll never move, only letting the time slip by. The only way to avoid getting pulled in is counting the steps you take away from it and towards your goal, testing your assumptions (the Assumption Assassin comes in handy - plug it into your Ego Shield) and regularly tallying up the time spent on your journey as it is easy to lose track. Get out of your mind and do!

Vampires - those can be imaginary or real and will suck me dry from the belief in my ideas or abilities and replace it with doubt.

Venomous Scrolls - these writings pull me in with their promises on knowledge and power of reaching my dreams. Thing is, I don't need the knowledge at the time of reading them, and reading is enjoyable but fruitless as I end up forgetting the useful advice they carry by the time I need it, and then I have to read them again.

A more traditional way to describe my issues:

  • procrastination
  • anxiety (coming from impatience) - record the time currency, and review frequently hours spent vs my goals vs tasks completed. Be clear about goals. Don't be anxious if I set ambiguous goals.
  • doubt - use Assumption Assassin? 
  • fear - Ego Shield
  • boredom (I know how to do it, but I'd rather be doing something else)
  • frustration (don't know how to do sth)
  • sensitivity (getting angry when someone pulls my strings, questions my competence (even when he's probably right))
  • resting on laurels after doing something for self validation. It wouldn't be a problem if not for the fact that this has been fooling me into thinking that I have done a thing towards my (usually vague) goals.