Token Box

Here I keep all the tokens that remind me of all the lessons I've learned.

  • Ready made stir fries and sauces not always up to my taste
  • Make sure to clean the oven between uses especially if using it for meat  
  • Nothing to measure if you've never done something before.
  • When I don't pressure a result on myself I am more focused on work and solutions. Results happen as a bonus. Perhaps a review of the Epic Win should be in place 
  • Imagine each event with an uncertain outcome as a pixel in a large mosaic, and looking for ways to understand(, see, complete?) it in the most effective way
  • If anxious before such event, imagine the worst outcome I can come up with and become comfortable with it
  • Keep the path to the goal short
  • Benefits of budgeting time ahead for both work AND leisure:
    • greatly reducing anxiety
    • seeing how much time I really have after booking out full time work and sleep
    • reducing anxiety relating to the pressure of creating a business; looking back at the actual time spent on doing vs total time available
  • Try to learn from each new person rather than forcing my view on them
  • Need interest (demand) first, then manufacturing 
  • I am capable of cold calling a distributor to see if they are interested in working together.
  • Don't expect that everyone will go with me, but concentrate on those who will. Could
    also measure the rate of reaction like a proper marketer would. 
  • Don't undervalue myself, believe in myself - otherwise I take longer routes or feel bad about taking money for goods and service that really bring value to the customer.
  • Facebook ads require several weeks of testing and an extensive budget to be able to choose the best ad variant
  • Always run a test of concept before investing time and money into producing it. Facebook is a good platform for it because it's cheap. Come up with ideas to TEST short term and choose best for long term. Never assume (you'll make and ASS out of U and ME). Removes the worry, simply commit to a short term test rather committing to a change to last a lifetime.
  •  perform the profitability calculations early
Realizations (thoughts after analyzing my actions -these are not lessons from actions as above):
  • There is pressure I feel about creating a business, but I'd never done it before, so I don't know how to do it. I cannot be anxious about not making money before I try to go through each step of business creation based on my ideas or steps outlined by someone who has done it