Tuesday, 19 October 2010

The most invaluable lesson

The most invaluable lesson I am learning is that my ideas will not necessarily meet other people's needs, wants or desires.

I also feel that my reach locally is very limited and would take a lot of time and work to build up. Here credibility would need to be built first by giving to the community first.

Perhaps to succeed (if I haven't believed the Facebook tests proving me wrong), I should explore other means of getting through to people who live locally.

Yes, but the whole point of that test was to show if there is a market. If there isn't a market, no advertising or SEO will work, won't it?

Altogether there has been some interest from group leaders, but it seems that without constant chasing, hassling, cajoling they will not act on their own accord. In my original idea, if I remember correctly, this was supposed to be viral and just simply spread on it's own (not without the initial push of course)

So I'm back to square 1. Just as with Quest 2 which I put on hold due to time constraints and because the lack of testing in the first place, here I'm drawing the same conclusion: an idea needs to be tested before time and effort is put into it.

The question is: should I test my wife's photography to look for a market? I think there is a market, we've had clients with minimal advertising - from friends mostly - and the service is just as any other photographer would provide - nothing revolutionary about it.

There's already a Facebook page and will upgrade the website. All it needs is effective advertising

Going back to the point in the beginning of this post, being part of the market I'm trying to reach, listening, asking questions, understanding it seems to be the way to being able to come up with ideas that this particular market would be interested in.

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