Friday, 1 October 2010

Quest 1 breakdown

I think I've had this in all of my past projects. I reach a certain point and then breakdown and don't know why.

There was one project I finished on purpose to prove I can finish something: a papercraft Teddy Bear and not even that because it was supposed to be with a bride, flowers and it's cute little hat. I still treat it as a symbol of patience and achievement for me as this was my desired outcome.

The outcome is definately something to keep in mind, but the why is even more important. I could force myself to go through adversity, but I need to have a reason to do it.

Now I'm facing a crisis. I am at a point where I need to get the attention of young people to get the ball rolling (there are a lot of "I"s in this post, but currently it is all on my shoulders and it is me who needs to find a way to deal with it)

This is a point where I push my comfort zone

I need to write this again.

This is THE point where I push my comfort zone. After crossing this, I will have grown.

There needs to be some assumptions made:
  • This can fail - target peeps might not like this or there will ne not enough of us; we could elongate the process so much that it will dilute the experience and again fail to deliver.
  • I might look silly in front of everybody I'd met so far and waste my chances of ever doing anything like it again.
  • it feels so blissful to reach this point, assume victory and lead the same life as before without trying. This is exactly "resting on laurels"; but there is no growth
  • I feel limited by the time I have to contact group leaders (wow, here's a problem defined, solutions start pouring in, I already feel lighter)
  • the why behind the contest is clear: to promote empathy and action among youth and to promote interest and creativity in photography; and the goal is clear as well: to help save the Woking Hospice
There is one solution I see emerging and that is that I need help. I can't do this alone. It's begining to become clear to me that leadership is about NOT doing things all alone. Again, there are solutions coming to me immediately.

Knowing why I am doing this and defining how I can fail has just now helped me to relieve worry and unlock. My efforts now will be directed towards getting other people to take on some of this challenge of helping a good cause. This cause, which is pure to me gives me the motivation to act. I feel that this is good from within.

OK, I feel better, what next. I feel that spending two hours brainstorming is unnecessary. The solutions I see is to speak with the people whom I've spoken with already, share the belief in the common goal and ask them for solutions and then to support their actions.

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