Monday, 25 October 2010

Food week

How about I make this the food week. 

I usually spend every waking hour THINKING about all the business ideas that pop into my head (not working on them), so perhaps a short sabbatical might help clear my thoughts.

This way - I hope - maybe I will be able to notice my constant fidgeting that I believe I usually call WORKING ON MY (assumed) PROJECTS which lead me absolutely nowhere.

Thanks to working on this game I'm already beginning to think a bit like Tim Ferris - who's book I've read ages ago but have not implemented any of the things therein - and who is a compulsive statistician who tests all of his assumptions with real life testing.

Peter Drucker - the management guru had always advocated that what gets measured gets managed and I am beginning to see the benefits of this philosophy more and more. It requires a bit of a mind shift though. It's a decision that requires the maturity of accepting the truth even if it makes me look bad. I believe the Ego Shield has helped me get to this conclusion. I can't just keep assuming things and hope for the best.

So I'm going to disengage for a week, or actually until Sunday morning when I will decide on the next thing to test, and in the mean time I will work on creating a plan for a healthy low GI diet for the following 5 weeks.

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