Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Start of an 80-20 analysis of my life

This morning I didn't do much with food as I'd planned in the previous post. I ended up looking at where I spend my time and how it relates to my money making activities.

Apart from my full time work, anything else I did to create income hasn't been tracked. It appears to me that all the time outside work and sleep is unallocated and subject to pulls from the outside contributing to my unhappiness. I'm not saying that I am particularly unhappy, but I could be happier had I used this time more effectively.

A little more than half of the unallocated time is Saturday and Sunday (32 hours) which gives me two full days every week to pursue anything that might be of importance. The rest is spread out evenly during the week with 3.5 hours every morning and 2.5 hours every evening.

I feel that I have allowed distractions to rule my personal time (which is not uncommon), but the worst part is that I've kept thinking that I am doing something to change my life. Thing is, this is the first time I've ever looked at how I use my time, so really with my propensity to look at a million things in the same time, it would have been neigh impossible to achieve anything (without knowing where I am, where I wish to go and what my problems really are).

Based on this information I have made the decision to leave the evening hours as they are: spend time with my wife and daughter, make a dinner and otherwise engage in the family life. As for the morning hours - these will be my time to think about what I want and how to allocate my free time and possibly running a side business then. Until I decide what to do with the weekends, I will be content with spending my time with my family without fretting about changing my unquantified life.


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