Mind of an Oracle (Swift Decision Making) - It doesn't let you see the future, but it allows you to make the future and fast. You will make a decision quickly and change it if necessary along the way. Learn all you can in the process as this will strengthen this power with time. This superpower uses an Oracle plugin that requires data input to run it's script. You can obtain that data by asking questions like: What is it, what is needed, when, what is the problem, etc

Time Warp (Urgency) - Allows you to compress time in order to do the most important tasks sooner than later

Uber Vision (Imagination) - the ability to clearly see the end. Use it to create a vision of your destination. Can be deceiving, without proper control it can make you feel as if you're there already and delay action indefinitely. State a clear goal with a loose time frame after using it and make sure your ego is behind its shield before you start

Life Force (Adversity Quotient) - life will throw everything it's got at you and you will have two choices: curl up and die or stand up - making yourself vulnerable - take the blow and move on. Keep the Lesson Token when you do. With the Life Force on your side you have nothing to fear, just calculate your risks that's all.

Bootstrapper's Pride (Resourcefulness) - you may come to what you think is the end of your resources, but then you will dig deep and find creative ways around the blockade to achieve your goal.

Lion Heart (Courage) - sometimes you just need this extra push of confidence. With the Lion Heart you're unstoppable

Laser Sight (Focus) - allows to concentrate on one thing and run with it from start to finish

Spirit of a Bull (willpower) - you have been blessed with an unstoppable spirit that allows you to fight through hordes of Leeches, Vampires and other time wasters. Combine it with Laser Sight for prolonged sessions of concentrated productivity.