Sunday, 24 October 2010

Founder of the BlinkNow Foundation is naive

What happens when a naive 18 year old student from the USA decides to take a trip abroad in search for lost meaning? They are touched by the problems our World Family is faced with and start doing whatever they feel they can at the time. It then grows and gains momentum with the help of other people who follow their lead by the sheer power of the message.

In the words of Maggie Doyne - founder of the BlinkNow Foundation: "If we all had that attitude that we can do anything or we could be anything if we followed our dreams and our hearts... as we get older we start to get more doubtful; we think of all the things we don't have instead of the things we do have. Oh, I could do that if I had more money or if I had my Master's Degree..."

More power to you Maggie Doyle who without the aid of CanDo pills or Excusskill were able to achieve so much with so little. You're a true Life Rider who inspire people around you with your actions.

Here's the video.

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