Monday, 11 October 2010

Quest 1 Thinking page

To do:

Before doing anything else: sum up all of my actions so far and all of the results.

Make a list of all people I've met so far with short notes - complete

Make a list of friends on Facebook who have replied to my email - complete

Send email to local college photo teacher - complete

Create a new poll on the blog - complete

Promote the new poll on Facebook - complete - testing ads as of 14th Oct

Create a Facebook page - created, need editing - completed editing, but very basic. Will probably need improving content.

A thought:

Measuring is key right after dropping ego.

One can drop ego after reaching true limits.

To reach true limits first one needs to try hard.

Trying hard means going past the state of flow, into the state of frustration, and that is where we grow.

Dropping ego allows not to rest on laurels, but agree that to go further, one needs to get out of the ego loving comfort zone.

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