Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Boredom vs Flow vs Fear

Today I've been trying to figure out how to approach the different types of activities: the boring, the stimulating and the frustrating and I found that the boring ones were the least looked after.

The aim of this game is to create an environment of doing. In the first place there were points, but I went against it after getting acquainted with Deci's work and will continue so.

My greatest achievements were identifying two major weaknesses: failure to focus on one project and ego involvements manifesting as a barrier that stopped a project moving forward (composed of being happy with what I had done and frustration with further tasks - both ego driven).

I believe that the fear side of things has been dealt with by using a Pixel Grid approach, but I still find that I could do more. There is still space for a tool, token, superpower or whatever to help cut to the chase and get stuff done.

Two things to consider:
  • time wasters
  • elimination of ineffective tasks (and quests)
I treat money as a finite resource, therefore it's only logical to treat time this way. Therefore a monthly or weekly budget for time can be created with a weekly review and a list of time wasters that could be treated like enemies.

Planning for productive time vs leisure with the family vs full time work will force eliminating ineffective tasks (because very limited time will be available) and then the list of enemies will help identify them as they approach so that I could avoid or kill them.

To do:
  • create a budget for time
  • start a reference of enemies

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