CanDo pills - for an instant push especially when doubts creep in. It's like Cocaine but without the side effects. It's effects can be very addictive though; once you start doing, it's hard to stop.

Ego Shield - The most useful piece of kit this end of the galaxy. It blocks out both successes and failures from my ego allowing me to act. The alternatives to acting include resting on laurels and fear of being wrong. It could be an idea for a business (resting on laurels), jumping from one task to the next licking the surface only and thinking the job was done (again resting on laurels - use the Time Guardian to plan out the work). It could also be fear of failure, and the Assumption Assassin comes in hand by forcing a test or dropping the idea completely.

Loudhailer - when the quest you're on requires to be announced to the world, this will come handy. It makes advertising a breeze

Pixel Grid - each pixel represents a task and the grid represents the entire quest. This allows to treat even the scariest of tasks as a small piece of the larger picture

Excusskill - this is a new and effective drug for Exusitis Vulgaris - a potent  virus that will have me go in circles. It will hold me at ground level by producing imaginary reasons for NOT taking off, ever. I would take Excusskill each time Excusitis strikes and one every morning with breakfast as a preventive measure.

Assumption Assassin - a plug in for the Ego Shield. Used to filter the chatter coming from the Ego. It picks up any assumptions and helps set up tests that validate them. Very useful. Keep always ON

Time Guardian - Works alongside the Assumption Assassin and is a plug-in to the Ego Shield too. It rids the user of impatience and facilitates the allowance of time for anything that would require depth. Works particularly well when the user comes up with many ideas at once of things that need to be done, or starts on them and moves on to the other without giving them proper attention. It works by letting the user look at each of the tasks and plan time for it ahead.

Future Window - as opposed to a crystal ball which shows the future, the Future Window allows me to create future. The unfaithful call this important piece of kit a "cah-len-dah" and make nothing of it. Don't ever listen to them - the Future Window is the most important tool to budget and control the currency of time