Saturday, 4 September 2010

Where to look for real motivation

Since I'd started this little project I've been trying to understand where motivation comes from and how to evoke it. This week I read up on the subject and decided that all I knew about motivation was wrong (not all, but it sounds more dramatic this way) and therefore there will be changes to how this game is played including metrics for measuring progress.

Superpowers will remain but only as a source of hm... power to draw upon at times of doubt, hesitation, etc. There will be a separate post listing those with explanations of how to use them effectively.

The point system will go away completely and will be replaced with metrics of progress and anything that could be improved upon. The first metric that I intend to use will be: "Time from creating a mission to its completion"

Lastly there will be an added emphasis on the reason behind my actions. I will be required to review the Epic Win scenarios weekly.

All this is in an effort to motivate myself with the quests alone, not with making points. Life is not about scoring points, but about completing quests (makes sense?)

edit: The GREATEST thing about this game is that I get to ramble on a blog and express myself and yet I'm not wasting time and actually achieving something. It really is working.

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