Monday, 6 September 2010

Mastery and Focus

I realised today that attempting to attain mastery in anything forces focus on one thing at a time. Since I've always had a problem with starting many things at the same time this revelation is quite important to me. Each of the things I started would usually not get done further than the initial idea because I never thought of them this way. I never tried to master any of them (for the lack of better word).

There's a challenge in itself to come up with meaningful metrics to gauge improvement. With my second quests I get thoughts like "I don't want to be doing this", but on the other hand I get positive ones like "I'm curious if people would be interested in this" and "this is my idea (I wanted to do this), and I have gone this far, why should I stop here?". The purpose and goals are there to motivate, but they have to be equal of more meaningful than the negative thoughts one has in order to mute them and get on with the work. Therefore there's mastery in motivation in itself, but to be honest I'd rather motivate myself in areas I'm more comfortable with.

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