Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The why

At this stage of development the method is for proving the concept for me personally.
  • to motivate to reach my goals
  • to add meaning, purpose to otherwise unexciting areas of life
  • to beat procrastination
  • to build a success bank to draw upon
  • to get a bigger sense of achievement

For the "multi player" version, there is an added list of "whys"
  • get external motivation (supplied by other players - their support)
  • motivate others to grow your reputation (points, levels, the whole lot)
  • work with others and grow your reputation (same as above, all measurable, sort of like feedback on eBay)
  • to encourage collaboration
  • to encourage doing through positive feedback
  • to achieve greater good
Added 29th August 2010:
To receive +1 in living is to realise a dream, make an idea into a reality, challenge oneself (or others) and achieve.

Why not?

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