Friday, 27 August 2010

Using my Life Force superpower

Today for some reason I have lost access to all my websites and hosting control panel.

I've contacted support and now have to wait for them to sort it out. I could still do some work on my wife's machine but it's late now. I've done all I could for now. If this is not resolved by tomorrow I'll use a different machine but for now +1 Life Force for facing adversity.

I believe there is another superpower that I can add to the list and that is resourcefulness. I've fired up my other machine that usually keeps playing up and this time it is working. It's good to have a few. +1 resourcefulness.

By the way, all this is me working on a different project not listed as a quest yet, but it's related to this blog. Not telling anything else for now, it's a surprise.

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