Sunday, 8 August 2010


Doing points are given for beating procrastination

Networking points are for asking to be introduced, organising together with another business or person

Courage points are given for doing something "scary", uncomfortable, pushing my limits

Delegating points are there because I used to do everything on my own and this pushed my limits and will allow me to grow

Level ups upon completing missions.

What is NOT doing:
  • checking email
  • reading
  • watching videos
Superpowers: We all posses superpowers that make us into supermen (and women;), and some of these are:

Course Plotting: We need to navigate through the stormy waters of life and often make decisions, set waypoints on our path. The moment we make a decision about our course in life we make use of this power and with each use it grows stronger.

Urgency: When a waypoint is set, we have a glimpse of where we're going, therefore we must make haste (but not headlong) towards it. waste no time and thus give ourselves a chance to complete our quest faster. The more we use this power the faster we realise our dreams.

Life Force: Often along our journey there are things that want to slow us down or throw off course, unexpected. These adversities give us a chance to use the Life Force superpower which allows us to push through adversity and often change it into an opportunity.

Resourcefulness: Ability to find an alternative solution when we're not able to use the one planned previously.

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