Monday, 16 August 2010

Sh*****g my pants today

Quest 2: Mission 3: There has been no reply from the distributor, so I phoned the contact I had, and asked for the sales rep phone number +1 for courage and +1 for doing. Then I phoned the sales rep twice, but only voice mail came up. I don't like to leave voice mail; it's better to speak in person, +2 courage. I was nervous, but easier with each phone call. After this mission is over my courage level will be up by one - it gets easier, but I am pushing my limit of comfort, therefore I deserve the level up.

Quest 1: Mission 3: I phoned the charity rep to make an appointment to meet together with my wife who will obviously be taking the photos. They need to meet each other, as I am hoping this will allow her to contact the charity rep on her own in the future. The other reason for the meeting is to find out if he has a contact in the local gallery. This is a bonus mission to number 3: if the gallery gets involved, we will gain more credibility with the headmasters, and the kids will have another reason to join. +1 for doing definitely as I wouldn't be able to meet with him without making this phone call. On Friday I will be able to add +2 for networking.