Monday, 23 August 2010

Making my own decisions is hard

I find that a challenge for me is making my own decisions.

There is no end to the internal debates and this fuels procrastination. I've been deciding on one element of the photography thing for my wife for two years... says all.

How can this game motivate me? I need something exciting, cool, really rewarding, silly, whatever you call it. What will it be: a Mega Power Up, a Superpower - Course Plotting, yes, the name is terrible, but says it all


Once the mission is available/assigned it needs to be executed. I currently feel no pressure and the completion drags out in time. At my day job, my pressure is called the Manager + chance of losing the job. I've never/rarely put deadlines on my goals (in other words S.M.A.R.T was missing th "T")
AAAARGH! The pain of making up my mind!

This game will give me all the motivation I need, and so the challenge is in its design.


  1. I have the same problem! I can literally sit there for 30 minutes trying to decide whether to take my truck to the coffee shop or my brothers car (this actually happened). what is that all about???

    Heres a SIMPLE but HARD way to end all decisions QUICK. Ready? " If its worth deciding, its worth doing"

    I thought of this quote one day, its MAGICAL. What it means is -- if your thinking hard about something its worth doing it.

    So for the car example above (terrible example, i know) I WAS going to take my truck (it was in bad shape then) but then my brother said to take his and I thought about doing just that, but then I started to feel bad, what if he needed it? blah blah.

    Now when I need to make a decisions I go with the latter. I would had taken his car immediately. If its worth thinking about, and changing my mind, its worth doing. SO DO IT!

    Any of that make sense? ha

  2. It does actually, seems like a good way to do it. I've added a superpower to this game: Course Plotting. Everytime you decide your Power grows and it gets easier to make decisions in the future.

    Devin, fantastic to have you here!