Monday, 8 November 2010

Boredom vs Frustration

There is another post vaguely referring to what I wish to address here: defining the two action stoppers - boredom and frustration.

This doesn't fortunately require a lot of deliberation, simply stating the following :

Boredom - occurs when I know how to do the task, but would rather be doing something else

How to deal with boredom - eliminate the task if possible, if I can't and HAVE to do it - try again when I see some meaning again in the short or/and long term

Frustration - occurs when the task is new and there is a learning curve, but the show stopping thing is not the difficulty, but (what I think it is at this point in time) having no belief in the idea - or seeing no meaning, I'd rather be doing something else, and a combination of both

To deal with frustration - is there an alternative solution to the same problem? Am I not able to answer the questions: Why, what, how, etc? Have these answers lost their meaning?

What would be a good representation of both of these states in the Plus1living game?

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  1. One way I find to deal with boredom on a task is to invoke creativity by finding a creative way to eliminate the task without doing it how you originally planned. Even if its as simple as "How could I do that task in a way that's fun(ny)?". That generally gets the creative juices flowing which feels much more rewarding.

    With frustration you can come up with creative ways to apply what you're going to learn after that task is done so that you gain new abilities rather than just "check off" a task.