Monday, 1 November 2010

The Testing Game

Since equipping myself with the Assumption Assassin I have been thinking more and more about testing my assumptions. There are quite a few areas of my professional life that could use streamlining through elimination or increase of efficiency; even simply setting things up.

Often I find myself procrastinating any changes because subconsciously I think those changes will be forever and I fear that if I make a mistake it will stick with me forever.

This guy has been hovering with his ideas in my head for probably around two years now. I have read his book, salivated with each dream of freedom and owning my own business, but (and I am coming to this conclusion only now) I haven't actually put any of his advice to use - not even the dreamlining - or defining the exact expense of the things we want to do or have.

The more I listen to his point of view the more I see that he has had the same problems (to an extent) as i do now and emulating him in certain areas might be beneficial.

In the past I had implemented GTD for productivity, however I can see now that I only used the parts on dealing with the tasks that come my way from the outside, but not with setting priorities of the things that I wanted to do. These were tied to questions like: what do I want and what is my role in life, but such questions stipulate change and (as I can see now) I have resisted change.

The appalling part is that I had long assumed I had rid myself of that problem by repeating often the words: "zero resistance to change", but obviously I haven't.

Therefore (logically thinking), I should stop attempting to change my life in all areas, all at the same time, forever, but rather try out ideas (don't have to be mine, could be other's as well) one at a time for a limited period and see how it goes.

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