Wednesday, 3 November 2010

There is something wrong about feeling good about being wrong

This relates mainly to my "wish" to create businesses that don't take up much time and produce enough income to provide a safe buffer and ability to invest or to realize expensive dreams (I love flying airplanes...expensive enough)

Often I will have an idea pop into my head and I will feel good about it. Nothing will happen as I would make an excuse that I lack the time to develop it and that I wouldn't want to commit to something long term fearing that this might be a time wasted (fear of being wrong)

Instead of forcing myself to think that it's OK to be wrong (hate the feeling really - it's unnatural), shift the need to be right to the circumference of the idea.

Simply allow myself to be right every time by learning to be the best at testing my assumptions. Get my feeling of importance from being the best, most effective in defining a target market and it's needs and measuring the response to my ideas.

I cannot be wrong with testing, as it's a science. I can make mistakes by omitting something, but I will be able to keep improving this SKILL.

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