Friday, 10 December 2010


I have an idea for something to do. I don't know if this will be profitable nor I know how to test this idea. The only thing I can do is DO it.

Potentially it is very low risk with about £20 investment in money, but more in time. It has potential without testing because it involves becoming an affiliate of products that already sell. 

The thing that is I'm not settled with is the part of this idea which has me creating a YouTube channel specifically for the niche I have in mind that could pick up subjects from forum threads. This is to bring traffic to the e-store.

What I am anxious about is that I need to commit to a month or two of creating those vids without any guarantee. Which means that if I'm not right, this could be wasted time.

I could just make one video, but I'm worried that:
  • I really need momentum that only a series of vids can bring
  • I could lose momentum after one vid and not follow through even if the one is successful
On the other hand when I think of the time that had passed in which I had deliberated what to do, a month seems like nothing. 

Therefore I'd like to commit to this project:
  • spend a month making the vids - three months worth of weekly postings
  • after that build the e-store and promote the vids on forums
  • potentially bring my own products to the mix
  • write about this project on to help grow that community in the same time.
Time to plan these things in. I have everything to start really.

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